Cold-Brew Coffee & a Simple Iced Mocha

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold-brew coffee is a conveniently low-tech method of coffee brewing which promises a less acidic, and smoother, cup of coffee. This is ideal for cold coffee-based drinks. A perfect pick-me-up for any summer’s day!

If you enjoy a slow slip I would recommend freezing some cold-brew coffee in an ice-cube tray. The coffee ice cubes will enhance your drink as they melt!

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold-Brew Coffee

1/2 cup coarse ground coffee
1 1/2 cups filtered water

Mix the coffee and water together in a jug; cover and let stand in the fridge for a good 8 hours. Filter to remove the coffee grounds. I use a funnel lined with a paper coffee filter.

Store in the fridge for up to two weeks or freeze in an ice cube tray.

Simple Iced Mocha

30ml (2 tbsp) cold-brew coffee
1 tbsp Chocolate Sauce
3/4 cup milk (any sort)
ice cubes

Place all ingredients in a glass; stir. Enjoy!

Other ways to enjoy cold-brew coffee

Espresso Martini

Best cocktail ever! Simply equal parts vodka, Kahlua, cold-brew coffee, and sugar syrup served over ice.

Cold-brew coffee and tonic water

I have tried this and I have to admit it’s not my thing but if you like tonic water give it a go!

Cold-brew coffee and Coca-Cola

Mix together coffee and cola (1:4 ratio) and serve over ice.

This combination is …. interesting. The coffee lends greater depth to the overly sweet Coca-Cola but overall it is lacking something; probably alcohol and maybe some lime. It’s quite the caffeine hit, so sensible caution is advised.


3 thoughts on “Cold-Brew Coffee & a Simple Iced Mocha

  1. I’m happy to discover that you can make cold brew coffee without using one of those enormous glass beaker contraptions. They are beautiful, but there is no way I’m ever going to buy one! Your fridge method sounds so easy – just my style.

  2. Brilliant! And here I was thinking cold brew was some fancy pancy technique, the cost to purchase in hipster cafés sure suggests so anyways. 🙂 Thanks for the simple recipe, most appreciated.

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