Good Food & Wine Show

Good Food & Wine Show

I had the delight of attending the Good Food & Wine Show for the first time this weekend.

It is a little surprising, given my more than passing interest in all things food, that I haven’t been to the Good Food & Wine Show before. I always thought it sounded like fun but never went. I had convinced myself that the parking was too expensive, I would end up spending too much money and there would be too many people there!

This year I was offered a media pass and this was enough to get me over that hump of reluctance. I also thought I should check it out for the benefit of you – my dear reader. So what was it like? It was fun, the parking was expensive, I spent way too much money and there were many many people there …. many with trolleys!


One of my first jobs (way back in the 90s) was at a supermarket where I saw many an old dear with their well used two wheel trolley. So when I saw so many people at the show with similar trolleys I was a bit surprised and rather amused. I hadn’t seen one in many years and didn’t know they had become a thing again. It didn’t take long for my attitude to change. Very quickly my bags became too heavy and I started to look at those trolleys with envy.

There were so many wonderful treats to try and buy. Most companies offer their products for sale online so I will probably be purchasing some more before Christmas!

I didn’t have much time to spend at the show and barely scratched the surface but here are my sweet highlights:

Ilias the Greek
Ilias the Greek Halva – the best halva I have ever eaten!

Mayfield Chocolates
Mayfield Chocolates – I couldn’t resist the Florentines

Caramel Apples
Carcamos Gourmet Caramel Apples – These are a little pricey but they are a very novel and delicious product. I bought their best seller – Apple Pie flavour

Kokopod Chocolates – I bought a small packet of the Macnuts. They are the best chocolate coated macadamia nuts I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few over my lifetime). I wish I had bought more.

The Good Food & Wine Show is an annual event held in several cities around Australia. If you plan on going next year I recommend that you dedicate a whole day for it, take plenty of cash and an empty stomach, wear comfortable shoes and elastic waisted pants and most importantly bring a trolley!

I received a media pass which gave me free entry to the event (normally $26). All opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Good Food & Wine Show

  1. Last year we brought a trolley and bought a second one at the show. This year I swore I wasn’t going to spend that much so when the trolley was full, we went home. We bought the halva too and olive oil and those cherries from Benfatti – three jars! and then cheese 🙂

    Good fun.

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