Wicked Witch Hats

Wicked Witch Hats

These spooky Wicked Witch Hats have a surprise hidden treat and are a fun addition to any Halloween party! They are simple to make using store bought ingredients and are fun for children of any age.

Halloween isn’t a tradition that I have grown up with but it looks as if it is one that we are going to start. My five year old daughter insisted on making some Halloween decorations and hanging them on the mirror in our home’s entrance. They have been there since February!

I only made a small batch of these treats simply to share with you how they are made. I will be making some more for Halloween because now it seems that we are going to be having a party. It’s fun, so why not?!

Just do you know in advance – the black icing makes them extra spooky as they stain lips, tongues and even fingers black!

Do you celebrate Halloween? What will you be making?

Wicked Witch Hats

Makes 5

1 cup icing sugar
Black food colouring (I used AmeriColor gel)
5 large round biscuits/cookies (I used Arnott’s Marie biscuits)
5 small ice cream cones (I used Woolworth’s Select Mini Waffle Cones)
Sweets (I used Skull’n’Crossbones from Candy Time)
Black sprinkles (I used Wilton Cake Sparkles)

To make the icing, simply mix together the icing sugar, food colouring and just enough water to make a smooth but thick paste. Set aside.

Even though I bought mini ice cream cones they were still a little too large so I trimmed them down to size. To do this use a sharp knife and, with a gentle sawing motion, score around the cone. By the time I had gone around twice the end started to come off. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t matter if the edge is a little ragged or the cone splits a little. The icing will cover these flaws!
Don’t throw out the off-cuts! Place them in an air-tight container and crumble them over your next bowl of ice cream and serve with chocolate syrup.
Assembling the hats is a little messy so place some baking paper or paper towel under a cooling rack.
Place some sweets inside the cone. I wouldn’t recommend going overboard with filling them as the whole thing is about to be smothered with sugar.
Smear a little icing around the edge of the cone.
Place the biscuit/cookie on top.
Turn it over and place it on the rack. Spoon over some icing.
Smooth the icing down and all over.
Tilt it sideways with a fork and cover with sprinkles.
Repeat. Allow to dry.

Witch Hats 1


7 thoughts on “Wicked Witch Hats

  1. I’ve got some of those mini cones in the pantry – lord only knows why I bought them. I should try something clever one of these days. I did grow up with Halloween back in the olden days when mothers made the treats they gave away. These are SO cute!

  2. Nice idea 🙂 I just happen to have mini chocolate waffle cones and a party to host over the weekend and was wondering what to do with them. Thank you 🙂

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