Brisbane Daiquiri

Brisbane Daiquiri

How about this heat! And the humidity!!

The only solution to the heat and humidity of a Brisbane summer is to retreat to the air-conditioning and enjoy a cool and fruity drink; preferably a drink enhanced with a little alcohol! That is exactly what I did today and this daiquiri hit the mark perfectly.

And if you’re wondering – I drank both!

What do you do to escape the heat?

Brisbane Daiquiri
Makes 2

1 cup frozen mango pieces (about half mango)
1 cup frozen pineapple pieces (about quarter pineapple)
juice of 1 lime
60 ml (4 tbsp.) – or so – dark rum (such as Bundaberg Rum, Beenleigh Rum, Matusalem, Havana Club)

Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth. Serve and enjoy immediately!


7 thoughts on “Brisbane Daiquiri

  1. Oh yes! Couldn’t I have used 1 (or 5) of these last week when it was so stinking hot and humid. Much more comfortable tonight.

  2. I swear that I didn’t see your post before publishing mine! Our opening sentences are almost identical – Brisbane heatwave affects us all in the same way šŸ™‚ Your cocktail sounds delicious – you had me at “frozen mango”.

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