Gone Bananas!

Banana Lollies 2

With refined sugar and artificial colours this treat has absolutely no nutritional merit whatsoever … but it is fun! I made these for an end-of-term playgroup party for my two small children. Parents were asked to bring a small plate of party treats to share and it was only on the morning of the party that I remembered; oops!

I don’t particularly enjoy baking for these events. The party treats have to be nut free and baking for small children is such a humbling experience. Too often have I seen my made-with-love muffins and biscuits snubbed for pretzels, popcorn or fruit.

These are very easy to make and one that small children can help with. Although my four year old daughter only made one before deciding that eating the ingredients was more fun (she takes after her father).

It’s simply a banana lolly dipped in chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles. I made them early in the morning … before coffee, which is an indication of just how easy they are to make … so I really can’t help you with quantities.

These were probably one of the most popular items I have made for a playgroup party!

Do you make party treats? What is your favourite?

I know how to get a (pre-schooler) party started!

I know how to get a (pre-schooler) party started!


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