Darth Vadar Sundae

Darth Vadar Sundae

Dark, intense and naughty …. what could be a better way to celebrate Star Wars Day, this Sunday May 4th, than with a Darth Vadar Sundae!

I used my Darth Vadar silicone mold (which I have used before here) to create little ice cream shaped Vadars.
Darth Vadar Mold

Any ice cream recipe, or even store bought ice cream, could have been used to fill the molds but I opted to use my chocolate coconut ice cream recipe. I added a simple chocolate sauce, nuts and, of course, topped it with a cherry!

Will you be celebrating Star Wars Day? May the Fourth be with you!


5 thoughts on “Darth Vadar Sundae

  1. How about Yoda peppermint sundaes or wookie cookies… all low fat so we don’t end up looking like jabba the hut!!

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