Lamington Popsicles

Lamington Popsicle

A freshly-made Lamington is a beautiful thing. If you’ve never eaten one – that is, you live outside of Australia – a Lamington is a square piece of sponge cake which has been drenched in chocolate sauce and then rolled in desiccated coconut. Soft and moist with the winning combination of chocolate and coconut they are a very moreish treat and deserving of their iconic status in Australia.

Too often though, I’ve had Lamingtons which are made from rather bland cake and are a bit dry. The best way to eat such a Lamington is to eat only the chocolate/coconut casing and leave the cake part on the plate. However, this type of behaviour isn’t considered polite in anyone over the age of about six. Unless you’ve bought the Lamington yourself. And you’re eating it alone. Sure, I could make my own Lamingtons but I think it’s time they had a makeover.

These popsicles have just the best parts – the chocolate and coconut (with a little rum). In addition to being thoroughly delicious they are also dairy free, egg free, gluten free and suitable for vegans. It will appeal to anyone who likes ice cream … which is everyone!

Do you like Lamingtons? Have you ever made your own?ย 

Lamington Popsicle

Ice Cream
Adapted from the little loaf

2 x 400ml cans of full fat coconut milk, chilled
220g date spread* or puree
55g cocoa powder
90g (1/4 cup) golden syrup
1 tbsp dark rum (optional but highly recommended)

Using a blender, blend all ingredients together until smooth (chill the mix in the fridge if you didn’t chill the coconut milk in advance).

Churn in an ice-cream maker. Fill your popsicle molds with the ice-cream and freeze until firm.

* I used Bonvit Date Spread which I bought from a health food store (a 375g jar cost just under $6). Alternatively, make your own puree by blending fresh pitted Medjool dates and a small amount of water.

Chocolate Coating
From Le Delicieux

dark chocolate
coconut oil

The amount of chocolate coating you will need will depend on the size of your molds and how thick you want it to be. As a guide, I would recommend allowing for about 15-20g of chocolate per popsicle. Any leftover chocolate coating may be stored in the pantry.

Melt together dark chocolate and coconut oil – at a rate of 100g chocolate to 1 tbsp oil – until smooth. You may use either the microwave or a stovetop bainmarie for this; ensure that it is heated gently and only just enough for the two ingredients to melt and combine.

To decorate
Shredded coconut

To assemble
Remove the ice-creams from the mold. The chocolate coating sets very quickly so it’s best to decorate one side at a time. Spoon over some chocolate coating and sprinkle with shredded coconut; turn over and repeat for the other side. As the chocolate coating sets quickly the popsicle may be enjoyed immediately!

Lamington Ice Cream

No popsicle mold? Just as good in a bowl!


14 thoughts on “Lamington Popsicles

  1. Very clever take Steph! I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to the good old Aussie lamington! I don’t even like the ones with jam! They are a bit messy to make – mum made them once and I am not sure the CWA would approve of uneven squares but they tasted awesome! I know you like rum and dates but if it were me I’d go for a cherry ripe version – they’re pretty Aussie too!

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