Cookies & a Handy Kitchen Tip

Do you like uniform round cookies but find rolling and cutting just too tedious? This post is for you!
Keep the inner card board tube from the paper towel roll and cut down one side. After you make your next batch of cookie dough form it into a rough log shape, wrap in plastic and place it inside the cardboard tube. Squeeze and roll it a bit to form the dough into a nice evenly shaped log.
At this stage you can rest the dough in the fridge or place it in the freezer. The cardboard tube will prevent the dough from forming a flat side or otherwise getting damaged while in storage.
When you are ready to bake simply remove the dough from the cardboard and plastic wrap and slice.
Place it on a lined baking tray. I decorated some with chocolate chips.
Bake until golden.
This makes a nice small sized cookie. Perfect for making a little cookie sandwich.

To make these cookies I used Rachel Allen’s Basic Cookie Recipe. The useful cardboard roll tip comes from Baking in the ‘Burg which read about on Beth Walsh’s Photography.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! What are you baking?


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