Berry Easy Dessert

Raspberry pudding

So easy yet so delicious! This dessert is simple and best prepared ahead of time so it is a great option for a dinner party.

Berries, lemon curd, vanilla cake soaked in Limoncello and whipped cream layered in a glass and then left in the fridge to mingle while the serious business of main course is attended to. The berries on top were added just before serving.

I made the lemon curd myself and used leftover cake from the freezer but if you are pressed for time store bought ingredient would be just fine.

With a dessert like this I don’t think it is necessary to be too exact with quantities and measurements as you can alter the ratios of the ingredients as you prefer. As a guide, I used one quantity of lemon curd (with some left over), 600ml pure cream, whipped (with some left over), about half a small cake, several tablespoons of Limoncello and maybe 200g each of frozen raspberries and blueberries. This made six rather generous portions. You could, of course, serve it in a large bowl rather than individual dishes.

Dessert doesn’t get much easier than this! What is the easiest dessert you have ever made?

Blueberry pudding


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