Better Buttercream


I love buttercream! Chances are you do too.

I have just for you a quick tip to achieve the buttercream of your dreams! The trick is to add cream, in place of milk, in the recipe. It’s such a small change which gives such an amazing result.

The cream I used is referred to as “pure cream” in Australia; it has a milk fat of 35% and no thickening agents. In other countries this type of cream is called pouring cream (NZ), or whipping cream (UK, USA).

Happy baking!

Better Buttercream

450g (1 lb) icing sugar, sifted
300g (10oz) salted butter, softened
~3 tblsp pure cream

Beat the butter, preferably with an electric mixer, add the icing sugar; beat some more. Add enough cream to make the buttercream to give it a luscious, smooth consistency.

Why not add some vanilla too! Oh, you prefer chocolate! Add 50g (1/2 cup) of cocoa with the icing sugar.




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