Finnish Semolina Pudding – Vispipuuro


I was looking forward to making Vispipuuro for Finland’s Independence Day (6 December). The recipes I read promised a light mousse-like dessert with only two ingredients – fruit juice and semolina. With just two ingredients you can’t go wrong …. right?

My pudding had a sticky glue-like consistency. Assuming that I had the wrong proportion of semolina, I made it a second time, a smaller batch, using half the semolina, but the result was still the same. I know it’s poor form to blame the tools but my toddler son did drop my electronic kitchen scales on the floor just the day before. It’s time for a new set.

My dessert may not have been very enjoyable to eat but it still looked pretty. So while there’s not much point sharing the recipe I used I can share the photos with you.

I will definitely persevere and try it again. Vispipuuro is a healthy, low-fat fruity dessert so it will be ideal for the new year when I will be making amends for my many excesses over Christmas! What’s your favourite healthy dessert?



9 thoughts on “Finnish Semolina Pudding – Vispipuuro

  1. It does LOOK lovely. My favourite chef dominique rizzo showed me how to make a panna cotta with yoghurt instead of cream which is lovely and light. You can make a vanilla bean one and serve with fruit or you could make in exotic by adding spice like cardamom etc and honey. I will try and dig out the recipe. What have you got planned for Xmas???? Looking forward to it.

    1. I would be really interested in seeing the recipe. I like the sound of the cardamom and honey.
      I’m still undecided about Christmas. I will make a fruitcake though. Maybe a chocolate hazelnut torte for Boxing Day and maybe something something orange and cranberry for Christmas Day.

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