Honey Cake

Honey Cake

A Honey Cake is sweet and moist cake with ingredients like spices, tea, orange juice, and whiskey adding an appealing complexity. Traditionally it is a cake enjoyed at the Jewish New Year, but gentiles like me may enjoy it all year round.

It is a large and easy one-bowl cake which is great for a party or gifting. The cake keeps well too. It took us about five days to eat this cake and it stayed deliciously moist right until the end.

When baking I jammed both cakes onto the same rack in my small oven at once. It wasn’t a wise choice and the sides of the cake got scorched. A quick dusting of icing sugar just before serving covered my mistake!

Honey Cake

This recipe makes a large quantity of batter; enough for two 20cm (8 inch) cakes with a cooking time of around 30 minutes (but check after 25 minutes). I would recommend lining the sides of the cake tin to prevent scorching.

The recipe I used is from Smitten Kitchen. As I didn’t make any changes to the recipe it isn’t really right to reproduce it here; please click here for the recipe.


One thought on “Honey Cake

  1. I’ve never had honey cake before but you make it sound like something I’ve always wanted. đŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas!

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