Fun Halloween Monster Lollipops

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Monster Lollipops

These Monster Lollipops are so cute and such a fun project for small children to do. Perfect for Halloween and an easily adaptable idea for other festive occasions.

Monster Lollipops

The lollipops are left-overs from my son’s birthday. If I didn’t already have these I probably would have used Oreo cookies as they are easily bought from the supermarket and children love them.


I bought the Wilton Candy Eyeballs from Spotlight. The multi-coloured ready-to-use fondant, sprinkles, and writing icing are available from most supermarkets. Also pictured is a small quantity of icing (powdered) sugar and some simple sugar syrup. Handy tools include a new and unused paint brush, mini-roller, skewer, small cookie cutters, and a small knife.


These are really simple to put together. Sprinkle icing sugar on the board and then roll out the fondant. Cut into shape using a knife or cookie cutters. Brush with some sugar syrup and stick on the flat side of the lollipop. Attach details and sprinkles by brushing on a little sugar syrup and gently sticking on.


Let the decorated lollipops lay flat in an air-tight container for a few days to dry. Once dry they are surprisingly sturdy. I am rather clumsy and dropped them several times when photographing them and none of the fondant pieces broke off!

Have a fun and spooky Halloween!

Monster Lollipops


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