Eye Cubes


Add some spooky fun to your cocktails and mocktails this Halloween with eye cubes!


Simply peel most of the red skin from a small radish. Remove the stem and a circle of the flesh using a melon baller. Make the cavity larger by using a paring knife. Place half a stuffed olive in the cavity. Place in an ice cube tray. Repeat until the tray is full. Fill the tray with water and freeze.


The eye cubes look great but they do tend to melt fairly quickly so I wouldn’t recommend adding them to a punch bowl or you will end up with pieces of olive and radish floating around in it. Gross and spooky, yes, but not in a fun Halloween kind of way.

By the way, I can’t take credit for this idea; it’s from Martha Stewart. I still love her even though she made a bit of a gaffe with her recent comments about bloggers. Martha, you’re out of touch!

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween?


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