Halloween Zombie Eyes


These cookies are creepy, spooky and are a surprise trick treat! Just the thing for a Halloween party and perfect for this month’s Sweet Adventures Blog Hop.


So what’s the surprise? Underneath all that sugar is a healthy-ish Arnott’s Wheaten biscuit! Using store-bought cookies is a sanity saving option if your small children have yet to appreciate your culinary brilliance and are only interested in eating decorated cookies for as long as the icing lasts. Or you just want to trick them into eating a bran cookie. If you are interested in making your own cookies and need a recipe have a look at my posts for Sugar Cookies or, if you prefer something nutty, Pecan & Maple Syrup Bites

These cookies are very easy to decorate and all kids, big and small, will have lots of messy fun. All you need is:

round cookies
icing sugar
red food colouring
small amount of water
piping bag with a fine nozzle
Jaffa lollies, broken into pieces by crushing with the bottom of a mug

For the white base I simply mixed some icing sugar with just enough water to achieve a smooth and quite viscous paste. I spooned this onto each cookie and smoothed with the back of the spoon, allowing the icing to drip down the sides as it sat on a rack to dry.

Once they were dry I mixed more icing sugar with red food colouring and a very small amount of water. I used a piping bag to squiggle this onto the cookies. I finished by securing a Jaffa piece with some of the red icing sugar mix.

For more Halloween treats check out the posts from other bloggers for this month’s Halloween Sweet Adventures Blog Hop



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