Rhett Butler Sorbet


Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn …. and after one of these you won’t either. The Rhett Butler sorbet, inspired by the cocktail of the same name, is refreshing, delightfully boozy and the perfect way to end a long hot summer’s day. Since it is made from canned peaches you can enjoy it whenever you want to pretend it is summer. It will bring a little sunshine into your day.

This dessert is part of the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop for March. This month’s theme, Cocktail Party, is exciting to me. I love cocktails but it’s been too long between drinks (pun intended). Having two small children increases my need for cocktails but reduces the opportunity to do so; it’s just one of life’s funny ironies!


So join me in checking out all of the other fabulous bloggers participating in this month’s hop (click here) I am hoping to find a Pimms and Lemonade inspired treat as this is one of my other favourite drinks. Although this may be a little unlikely since it’s Pimms isn’t what you’d describe as “on trend”. What is your favourite cocktail?

825g (about 1.8 pounds) can of peach slices in juice
2/3 cup simple sugar syrup*
2/3 cup Southern Comfort
1/3 cup lime juice (about two limes)

Blend all ingredients together using your favourite gadget (I used an immersion blender). Chill thoroughly. Churn in an ice cream maker. Place in the freezer to firm up.

Serve with some orange segments (about 1/2 an orange per person) splashed with Cointreau (about 1tsp per person). Garnish with a slice of lime.

*Simple Sugar syrup is simply equal parts of sugar and water boiled until thick and syrupy. I would recommend that you make a large batch and keep it at the ready in the fridge. It’s great to use in cold drinks, cocktails and for baking.



12 thoughts on “Rhett Butler Sorbet

  1. This post made me giggle – and that pic made me drool! I had a, bad experience, with Southern Comfort back in uni but that aside, I love the sound if this sorbet! Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Bad Southern Comfort experience at uni … oh yeah, I hear you! This sorbet might help you rediscover and appreciate Southern Comfort all over again. A therapeutic dessert!

  2. Ooh Southern Comfort and me don’t get along very well these days haha. You know everyone has that alcohol that got slightly abused when they were younger? SC is mine. Although a nice way to reintroduce it would be this sorbet 😉

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