Chocolate Marshmallow Cones


How do you keep small children happy at a party? Slice up some watermelon and open some packets of lollies!

Since you are probably all familiar with sliced watermelon I am going to share with you the latest kids’ party treat I made. It’s based on packet lollies and is so super simple to make that even a small child can make them – here’s the photographic proof!


The perfect treat for any kids’ party!

For each treat allow one mini waffle cone, four marshmallows, 10g (1/3oz) dark chocolate and sprinkles. It’s a simple process of dipping the top edge of the cone in melted chocolate and covering with sprinkles; stand in a glass; repeat. Dip the bottom of each marshmallow in the melted chocolate and place in the cone (four marshmallows per cone is plenty). Place in the fridge to set. Too easy!



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