Citrus Salad


Citrus salad is a fresh, zesty and healthy dessert. The ideal sweet treat to have when you’ve been overdoing it.

I have certainly been doing plenty of that. I ate a shameful quantity of chocolate at Easter and way too many leftovers since!

Fruit for dessert may not seem exciting at all – perhaps even a little bleak – but when it has been delicately cut and well presented I don’t feel quite so deprived. And while it is a healthy dessert it can easily be upgraded to deluxe with the addition of whipped cream/coconut cream, ice cream, yoghurt or sorbet.

Do you have a favourite healthy dessert?


Serves 2

1 lime
1 orange
1 pink grapefruit
1/2 mandarin (it would have been a whole mandarin but I had a small person “helping” me)
1/4 pomegranate
2-3 tablespoons simple sugar syrup
fresh mint, about 6 leaves finely sliced and a few whole leaves for garnish

Remove about half of the zest from both the lime and orange. Place in a bowl. Remove the skin from the lime and cut the flesh into rounds and add to the zests. Remove the skin from the orange and grapefruit and cut the flesh into segments; adding to the bowl as you go. Peel the mandarin, separate into segments and remove as much of the white as possible. Place the mandarin with the pomegranates into the bowl. Add the sugar syrup and gently toss. It may be stored in the fridge at this stage, if needed. Add the mint just prior to serving.

Citrus salad with a small scoop of berry sorbet.


11 thoughts on “Citrus Salad

  1. I adore citrus and this citrus salad is so pretty. Yes, we eat with our eyes first and I love the way you present this lovely treat. 🙂 I think I need this for detox too after all the Easter chocolates.

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